Sometimes you may want something outside the standard colors and sizes. With today’s modern architecture  we are occasionally called upon to deliver a custom look . Thankfully we have a range of products and solutions to offer. 

We have seen many examples where apparent solutions have been offered but completely out of specification. Some companies will agree to make any unit to any size for a customer with little regard to specifications and how the unit will perform over time.

This is something we don’t do. Certain profiles have limitations. For example, generally speaking a standard UPVC door profile should not be manufactured higher than 250 cm high. And yet we often see this standard system used at over 3 meters high by our competitors.

If higher doors are required we will provide details and costs for the correct profile that should be used, yes it’s more , but it’s what should be used for the design requirements. We don’t cut corners on specifications if the system limit has been reached, we will always upgrade to the correct sections needed.


In terms of color, for our profiles we can offer some beautiful finishes including a beautiful black laminate, grey laminate and a range of laminate wood-grain finishes.