uPVC windows and doors out perform similar products made from aluminium and provide better heat resistance .Our uPVC windows energy rating exceeds requirements from all western construction guidelines

This material was first used in the production of windows in the 1940’s in Germany and now commands the largest market share of use in the window industry in Europe. With the market here in Thailand expanding quickly year on year

Upvc windows and Doors are highly secure. Our typical window and door systems all come with multi point locking and anti -lift systems as standard.

The additives in our current profiles ensure UV stability and for coastal areas there is no harmful effect from salt air which is why we are able to offer our extensive 10 year guarantee against any product defect.

Our Windows and doors all have a Multi Chamber design which acts like double glazing does for the glass reducing the transmission of heat through the frames.

UPVC out performs aluminium in relation to heat transfer by several degrees C per frame section, full technical info can be provided on request

As with all window systems various standards are available , generally PVC like for like will tend to be the equivalent price.

To keep them looking new , a simple wipe down of the frame with a damp cloth once a month is all that is needed, for the hardware , including handles, locking gears , rollers , don't worry they come under our 10 year guarantee