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Project Supplies Direct can supply mosquito screens to the PVCu window and door systems. This matter should be discussed at the time of enquiry and order. We have various options, some of which are incorporated into the system at the time of manufacture and others which can be retro fitted.
The 2 main options are a sliding fixed panel for sliding doors and windows. Secondly a retractable pleated screen type for all types of window and door.

The First type we can consider is the sliding fixed panel type, similar in function to what many aluminium systems use in Thailand, although ours is a high quality product. Once fitted this will always be in view and slides across a rail to block insects entering through a sliding window or door opening. This system must be agreed upon at the time of enquiry and order as it will be manufactured with the PVCu windows and doors.


Manufactured in white powder coated aluminium channel which is 27mm deep

The second type is a retractable pleated screen suitable for both casement and sliding, doors and windows. This type is more flexible and can be manufactured at the same time or retro fitted at a later date. Using one of Project Supplies Directs’ retractable pleated mosquito screens, you are able to fully retract the screen therefore
clearing more space for free view through the glass. The illustration below shows a double screen arrangement, but a single screen is also suitable for narrow openings.

Maximum single slide is 1200mm wide and double slide is 2400mm wide