10 Year Guarantee/warranty on uPVC Window and Door installations
PVCu Windows And Doors

Supplied with ( PVCu / uPVC / Vinyl ) windows and doors from Project Supplies Direct Co., Ltd. Covering standard use of our product.

The Pvc profile is covered for both white and coloured PVC profiles.

Project Supplies Direct undertake the following assurances and guarantees on the finished product.

1) Installation All installation to be covered for a Ten Year period from date of finished installation of product. This INCLUDES ALL fixings and sealants used.

2) Product Hardware This INCLUDES ALL multi-point locking mechanisms and handles.

3) Window Seals This INCLUDES ALL rubber weather strips giving water protection to the product.

4) Product Profile This INCLUDES ALL corner welds and covers discolouration

5) Glass All glass is covered irrespective of specification.

6) Functionality The functionality of our product is guaranteed to be “good as new” during the TEN YEAR guarantee.

7) 10 YEAR MAINTENANCE Once a year for 10 YEARS Project Supplies Direct Engineers will visit EACH property for general maintenance to adjust / replace ANY component that may be required, INCLUDING ALL hardware.

The resident of the dwelling simply needs to call or email our service team to make an appointment convenient to them.